New England Flatland

Infrequently Asked Questions

What's this site about?
I wanted to provide a way to showcase the flatland community in New England, as well as provide a way for NE riders to contact each other. Also, to find and unite flatlanders all over New England so we know we're not alone. And if some kid decides to start flatlanding because of this site, all the better.
Is it just for "good" riders?
No. This site is for all New England flatlanders, whether you've been riding for six months or 16 years.
What if I ride ramps, too?
That's great -- you're better than me! As long as you also like to occasionally spend some time in a parking lot riding flat, this site's for you.
How do I get listed in the Riders section of this site?
Ride flatland (though not necessarily exclusively) and live in New England. If you meet these strict requirements, fill out this form to get listed. (Be sure to send a photo, too!)
Who's behind this site?
eWire editor Kieran Chapman, who apparently likes to spend too much time on his Mac.
How can I help with this site?
Just contact me and let me know you'd like to help. Specifically, right now I'm looking for rider bios and photos and video.

Eventually I'd like to have a news section with regular updates on what's going on here in the northeast. If you're interested on sharing whatever NE flat news you have, let me know.

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